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Woofgang Bark

Woofgang Bark - Pure Pearlescent Wellness Enhancer Premium Supplement

Woofgang Bark - Pure Pearlescent Wellness Enhancer Premium Supplement

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Woofgang Bark Pure Pearlescent Wellness Enhancer crafted from 100% Kefir, a probiotic superhero!

Wellness science calls the gut “our second brain”, because they now understand that so many illnesses have their origins in the gut. Things ranging from adult allergies to mood swings to life-threatening conditions have been traced to gut biome imbalances.

Illuminating Gut Health
Step into the realm of gut health excellence with our Pure Pearlescent Wellness Enhancer. From 100% freeze-dried Kefir, this singular ingredient has multiple benefits.

Probiotic Powerrhouse
An unparalleled source of probiotics, Kefir promotes a flourishing gut biome, boosting digestive wellness. This single ingredient provides a symphony of beneficial bacteria to maintain a balanced and harmonious digestive system.

Healthy Gut, Happy Pet
The probiotics in Kefir support digestive health, potentially reducing the risk of allergies and other issues arising from imbalances in the gut. A happy gut lays the foundation for a joyful and active pet.

Immune System Support
A robust gut microbiome is closely linked to a strong immune system. By nourishing your pet with Pure Pearlescent, you’re providing the essential elements for overall well-being and immune defense.

Direction: 1 scoop on top of a regular meal

Origin: Singapore

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