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The Collar Club is an AVS Licensed Pet Boutique. We know how important your furkid is to you so we make sure that they get the best possible care and have the most fun every single minute when you are not around! We provide a one stop solution to all fur-babies.
We offer Pet Grooming and Spa, Cage Free Daycare and Play Hour, 24-hour Supervised Pet Hotel, Pet Transport, Pet Seminars, Pet Birthday Parties and Pet Retail.
The Collar Club is manned by a dedicated group of pet experts. Our mission is to provide the best care for your furkids while you are away and positive grooming experience for your furkids in a professional and stress-free environment.

Daycare & Play Hour

A socially active pet is a happy pet. Our cage free day-care centre is designed to give your dog the benefits of a sociable day while they are being cared for by our pet welfare professionals. Upon check in, you will be welcomed by our friendly and professionally-trained team.

Your pet will be grouped together with similar dogs, in terms of temperament and behaviour, to ensure they get the most from their play time. They will enjoy a secure off-leash play area together with like-minded friends.

In addition, with our on-site groomer, you can take advantage of our services to indulge your pet with a relaxing groom and spa.

We also understand the importance of convenience in your day-to-day lives, we do our best to ensure a hassle-free experience when you drop your furkids off at our day-care.

AVS Licensed Pet Hotel

From socialization to private play time, we welcome your pet to the club so that you can have a peace of mind while you are away from them.
Our pet hotel provides a 24-hour staff supervision, daily disinfect, cage free healthy social interactions with other pets under the care of our experienced handlers.
Your furkid well-being is the top priority. With an established relationship with a vet clinic nearby, we are ready to provide any service that your furkid may require during the stay.

Pet Grooming & Spa

The Collar Clubโ€™s pet grooming and spa is operated by our trained pet-grooming specialists who will always ensure an enjoyable grooming and spa experience for your pet.

Not only dogs and cats, our service extend to all range of small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

We exercise gentle handling techniques to ensure each grooming experience is calming and stress-free. Our specialists will discuss the style with you to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Safety, Compassion and Kindness is always our top priority! Your furbaby will leave our salon clean and happy with a wagging tail.

  • Basic Grooming

    Freshen up without a haircut

    Nail clipping

    Ear cleaning

    Brushing and Combing

    Clipping of paw pads

    Clipping of sanitary area

    Bath & Fluff

    Basic Health evaluation

  • Full Grooming

    All in one service with a haircut

    Trimming & styling

    Nail clipping

    Ear cleaning

    Brushing and Combing

    Clipping of paw pads

    Clipping of sanitary area

    Bath & Fluff

    Basic Health evaluation

  • Spa Treatment

    Indulge your furkids with Love

    Co2 Spa Treatming

    TCC Herbal Remedy Treatment

    TCC Intensive Coat Care Treatment

Party Event Seminar

Host your events in a variety of settings. We have a team of experienced events management personnel to ensure that your event at The Collar Club is a memorable one.

Pet Chauffeur

We provide islandwide pet transport service to bring convenience to you. Professional, Reliable and Trusted โ€“ Our team makes sure that the safety and health of your pet is our top priority.

Club Membership Program

Receive a Welcome Points worth S$50

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  • Hong Yan

    Hong Yan has more than 15 years of experience in the grooming industry. She graduated from an oversea pet grooming school. She has been doing grooming back in her home country before she decided moving to Singapore. She is also a hamster and cat owner. She loves being able to help all pawrents and juniors to gain more knowledge of animals.

    โ€œI think having an animal in your life makes you a better human.โ€

  • Jerri Teo

    Jerri has 12 yearsโ€™ experience in Human Resources before working with pets. She took a step of faith to leave the corporate world to work in an industry she is passionate about. She is committed to constantly upgrade and better equip herself to ensure all the pets receives dedicated and excellent care. Donโ€™t be surprised if she tells you she would love to take your dog home.

    โ€œIโ€™m glad I took a leap of faith and totally loving what Iโ€™m doing every day at The Collar Club.โ€

  • Wan Qi

    Wan Qi is a professional Class A groomer with 8 years of experience. She has won first prize in grooming competitions in America and Taiwan. She is now planning to go for the Master course. She has adopted a total of 5 dogs and 1 cat, and loves to spend her off days at home with them.
    " I love helping pets look and feel their best. I believe they deserve the best"

  • Jin Hui

    JinHui grew up in a small town in Malaysia. He has immersed himself in caring for animals since childhood. He adopted 5 stray dogs and 3 stray cats in Malaysia at his fatherโ€™s factory backyard. After years of working in Singapore, he finally pursued his dream and graduated with his SKC certification. His love towards animals is undoubtable.

    โ€œI am lucky enough to be able to do what i love the most every dayโ€

  • May Yow

    May has a mini zoo at her home. She is the owner of a dog, cat, hamster and rabit. She gradutated with SKC certification and has been working in the pet industry for 3+ years. She love playing with dogs that come for grooming, so dont be surprise if you see her running around with the little ones.

    โ€œFor me a house becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail, and that indescribable measure of love that we call animal."

  • Yvonne Lee

    Yvonne Lee graduated from Malaysia grooming school with 3rd Award in 2023. Her grooming journey has begun when she was 16 working as a part timer in pet shop. She is determine to be a pet groomer sine then. Yvonne is a bit shy towards humans and talk softly, but when comes to pets she can talks a whole day long.

    "We believe in safety, love, & kindness so when your pet is happy we are happy"

  • Amanda Renee

    Amanda is a friendly and experienced pet shop front desk receptionist. She has been working in the pet industry for over 3 years. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of pet care, from product to basic grooming. She is also a Cat mommy. She has a passion for helping pets and their owners.|
    "Pets are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."

  • Pearlyn Chua

    Pearlyn grew up with a Shih tzu x Schnauzer, after graduated from Australia, She had decided to move forward to pursue her dream and received her skills certificate in Pet Care & Management. She will never compromise on animal welfare.

    โ€œI enjoy to be part of the team because we all share the same thoughts. Itโ€™s a wonderful feeling when I see pets go back with a wagging tail.โ€

  • Xin Chi

    Xinchi is a professional groomer in the pet industry for over 2 and half years. She is gentle and patient, and she takes the time to get to know each pet and their individual needs. She is also skilled at working with pets of all sizes and temperaments. She is a bit shy towards humans, but she is still happy to answer any questions you have about pet grooming.

    "Pets teach us valuable lessons about love, loyalty, and forgiveness."

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  • River Valley

    8768 3484 (Whatsapp)

    Monday - Sunday*

    8am - 7pm (6pm*)

    478 River Valley Road Singapore 248363 (next to SPC Petrol Kiosk)

    Email: collarclub.rv@gmail.com

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  • Punggol Northshore

    8764 0136 (Whatsapp)

    Monday - Friday
    8am - 8pm

    Saturday - Sunday*
    10am - 8pm (7pm*)

    418 Northshore Dr, Northshore Plaza 2, #02-10 Singapore 820418 (next to cheers)

    Email : collarclub.punggol@gmail.com

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