Cage Free Daycare / Play Date

A socially active pet is a happy pet. Our cage free day-care centre is designed to give your dog the benefits of a sociable day while they are being cared for by our pet welfare professionals. Upon check in, you will be welcomed by our friendly and professionally-trained team.

In addition, with our on-site groomer, you can take advantage of our services to indulge your pet with a relaxing groom and spa.

We also understand the importance of convenience in your day-to-day lives, we do our best to ensure a hassle-free experience when you drop your furkids off at our day-care. School bus service is available too. 



Core Vaccination

Up-to-date Vaccination or Titer Test: Your dog must have valid core vaccination records or recent titer test results, including a valid Leptospirosis vaccination administered within the last 12 months and at least 14 days prior to daycare.

1 Hour Assessment

Daycare Social Assessment: Prior to booking, your dog must have successfully completed our daycare / play social assessment.

Flea & Tick Prevention

Monthly Tick and Flea Prevention: Ensure your dog is on a monthly tick and flea prevention regimen.

Fill Up All Compulsory Forms

  1. Registration Form: Provide essential contact details and emergency information.
  2. Medical History: Detail your pet's vaccinations, health conditions, and medications.
  3. Consent Forms: Authorize veterinary care, grooming services, and photography permissions.

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