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Woofgang Bark - Premium Freeze Dried Pet Macarons (Double) 2 Pieces

Woofgang Bark - Premium Freeze Dried Pet Macarons (Double) 2 Pieces

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Leveraging freeze-drying technology, Woofgang Bark Pet Macarons (Bacarons) retain all the nutritive powers of the 100% natural ingredients that are used in making them. Enjoy them as a delicious snack or supplement for your four-legged family members. Being freeze-dried they are also beautiful and make wonderful gifts too.


Our Bacarons are formulated to promote healthy gut-biomes, supporting digestive and immune functions. They are an excellent source of micronutrients for protecting the skin and coat, alleviating hip and joint pains, and contributing to overall health. Our ingredients are painstakingly selected based on their nutritional value. Using only premium ingredients and under strict quality control, each Bacaron is carefully crafted to provide the best in taste and nutrition for your furry friend.

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