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Uomipet - Antibacterial Pet Wipes 80pcs

Uomipet - Antibacterial Pet Wipes 80pcs

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Specially added JoJoba Oil which has many naturally beneficial properties that make it soothing and conditioning to skin with Coconut Scent  

Suitable to wipe paws, mouth, eyes, ear and whole body of dogs 

  • Does not contain alcohol, fragrance, fluorescent whitening agent
  • Do not have any allergic compounds or dangerous chemicals (lick safe for pets)

Why do we need to use pet wet tissue instead of baby wipes?

  • Baby wipes have a different pH level than dog wipes (human PH5.5, pets PH7)
  • With repeated disruption, the skin will become irritated, dry, itchy and susceptible to infection
  • Once irritated, a dog is likely to bite or lick the area, making the irritation even worse  Some Baby Wipes might contain alcohol or fragrance will trigger irritate skin

Packaging size : 80pcs 
Wipe size : 15cm x 20cm (enlarge size) 

Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbit, guinea pig 

Origin : Japan

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