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The Barkery

The Barkery - Pork Bark Kwa 80g

The Barkery - Pork Bark Kwa 80g

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The best-selling Pork Bark-Kwa is made only from the leanest parts of the pork leg, seasoned with a delicious blend of apples and cinnamon.

This healthy and scrumptious snack with have your dogs begging for MOAR!

Cinnamon is a great source of fibre and calcium, in addition to making everything smell pawsome.

Ingredients: Lean Pork, Apples, Cinnamon.

Storage Instructions:
Please note that our treats are made without any artificial ingredients, and their general shelf-life is 6 months after pack date. That they should be kept refrigerated upon opening in order to maintain freshness

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