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Taki Pets

Taki Pets - Hokkaido Scallop (8 Convenient Packets)

Taki Pets - Hokkaido Scallop (8 Convenient Packets)

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TAKI Hokkaido Scallop is a delicious and nutritious pet food option for your pet. These  are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium. Both are essential for your furry friend to promote general well-being. We only use top of the line Hokkaido Scallops grown in pristine environments.  You will be  providing your pet with the best possible nutrition with our Hokkaido Scallop TAKI treat. Use as a food topper or as a snack on the go. With our small convenient servings they can easily be transportable everywhere you go. Give your pet the health and nutrition they need with Hokkaido scallops. Order your food today and give your pet the best possible food.

8 Convenient Packets | approx. 3.5g | Can Be Rehydrated | Long Shelf Life


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