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Pets Truly

Pets Truly Colloidal Silver Mist Spray 200ml

Pets Truly Colloidal Silver Mist Spray 200ml

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• A multi-purpose and broad spectrum antimicrobial solution with advanced tissue healing properties to treat and protect your pets from common conditions
• Pets Truly’s patented technology enables a novel combination of the purest 99.99%
non-ionic Silver nanoparticles suspended in Electrolyzed Water at 20ppm
• Sustained efficacy of up to 7 days
• Each bottle is produced under the most stringent requirements in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025
• Cost effective and convenient refill process simply by replacing the spray cap (do not pour or transfer the solution from this bottle to the previous)

Pets Truly Colloidal Silver in Electrolyzed Water can be used for:
1. General disinfection/sanitization after your pet's daily walks
2. Treat and prevent common pet conditions including the following:
Hotspots, rashes, gingivitis, yeast infections, eye infections, ear infections, acute skin
inflammation and irritation, wounds, viral warts abscesses, mouth ulcers, feline chin,
bad breath, insect bites, dermatitis, bald spots.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Non-ionic Silver Nanoparticles and Electrolyzed Water only

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Spray on affected area 3-4 times daily or spray freely after daily walks to disinfect. When used with intention for treatment, ensure the solution is in direct contact with the skin and avoid the use of other products for maximum efficacy. Suitable use in eyes, ears, oral cavity and skin. Product is lick safe but reapplication may be required. Product is not indicated for use as supplement.

INDICATIONS: Dogs, cats, birds and small animals (i.e. hamsters, guinea pigs etc.)

STORAGE: Store in a cool place away from direct heat, sunlight and electromagnetic fields. Do not refrigerate.

VOLUME: 200ml

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