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Pet Drs Phytoplankton

Pet Drs Phytoplankton

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Pet Drs Phytoplankton Omega & Multi is your pet's daily dose of greens and more. Our unique product harnesses the power of a single-celled organism to provide over 75 essential nutrients. It is packed with full spectrum protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. With its distinctive lipid structure, Phytoplankton facilitates nutrient absorption three times faster than fish or algae oils.


  • Maintains a healthy skin & coat
  • Supports overall health & wellbeing
  • Sourced sustainably & ethically for essential fatty acids
  • May assist allergies

Ingredients: 100% Marine Phytoplankton


  • Mix the recommended dosage with meals
  • 1 gram scoop included

Please allow 8 weeks to see beneficial results 

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