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Pawllergy - Test Kit

Pawllergy - Test Kit

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The Pawllergy test aims to provide an alternative non-invasive test, using Bioresonance technology to pick up more than:

  • 250 food and non-food item sensitivities
  • 113 Environmental sensitivities tested
  • 51 Vitamins & Mineral imbalances tested

Requiring only a small amount of fur, the Pawllergy test allows you to find out what may or may not be causing the symptoms your furkid is experiencing.

Test Kit includes:

  • 1 X Instruction slip
  • 1 X Fur Comb
  • 1 X Sample Collection Bag
  • 1 X Pawllergy Customer Form
  • 1 X Return Mailer

Sample Collection:

  • Step 1: Ensure thier fur coat is dry before collecting the sample
  • Step 2: Use the provided comb to collect their samples. (Do not need a lot, a few strands will do. you may also use your own brush)
  • Step 3: Place the sample (fur) into the provided bag and seal
  • Step 4: FIll up the form provided
  • Step 5: Place both sample bag and form into the return mailer provided
  • Step 6: Mail your sample out and just wait for the result!
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