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LaRoo - Squeaky Durable Dog Ball Toy

LaRoo - Squeaky Durable Dog Ball Toy

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LaRoo specializes in the production and retail of pet products. We hold the belief that pets are our companions, deserving dedicated time for companionship, training, and play. Crafted from 100% natural materials, it ensures safety for all pets.

  • Natural Material
    LaRoo cares about the safety and growth of dogs, so our dog chew toys are made of 100% natural rubber, which is safe for dogs and does not release any harmful gas. The thickened barrier makes it strong and bite resistant.
  • Design
    The dog toys for aggressive chewers have bright colors and make a sound when bitten, which will attract the dog’s attention. The surface of the ball has a raised design. It cleans the dog's teeth while playing to keep their oral health.
  • Interactive
    Interactive dog chew toys effectively satisfy the pet's hunting instinct and release stress. Play this toy with your dog will effectively prevent it from gnawing on furniture due to tooth development or boredom and anxiety. It is also the most effective way to train it and enhance your relationship with it.

Diameter: 6.5cm

Toy ball material: 100% Natural rubber

Package Includes: 1*dog squeaker ball

Suitable for small and medium dogs.

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