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LaRoo - Dog Durable Treat Bone Toy

LaRoo - Dog Durable Treat Bone Toy

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LaRoo specializes in the production and retail of pet products. We hold the belief that pets are our companions, deserving dedicated time for companionship, training, and play. Crafted from 100% natural materials, it ensures safety for all pets.

  • durable dog chew toys
    the interactive dog toys assorted non-toxic silicone material which is safe for pets to touch. bite resistant and waterproof durable material compared with pvc and tpr lasts longer and keeps your lovely pet accompany. note: this tough dog toys for large dogs is not durable enough for a strong heavy chewer.

  • dog treat dispenser
    you can put pet snacks into rubber peppy pet ball and your pets will accept these dog enrichment toys easily and get more surprise while playing. this dog treat ball dispenser solving puzzles develops your dog's intellectual skills.

  • dog teeth cleaning
    its spiked surface cleans teeth and control plaque and tartar, effectively cleans teeth to promote oral health and soothes. treat dispensing dog toys also features gum-massaging. a soft spiky texture stimulates blood flow and improves dental health.

  • hands free
    dog treat puzzle is a hand-free small balls for dogs which is suitable for pets to play it themselves. playing fetch or letting your dog chase the laroo durable dog toys on land is a great way to encourage daily exercise! regular exercise is extremely important for maintaining strong muscles and joints and a healthy weight.

  • dog puzzle toys
    laroo dog brain stimulating toys can give your dog a bit of extra mental stimulation and exercise for long periods, keep dogs entertained without a lot of excess calories, reduce destructive behavior, and interaction with pets can increase the intimacy and tacit understanding between the owner and the pet.

Dimension: 5 x 16cm 

Suitable for medium and large dogs

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