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Honeycare Pet Training Dog Pee Pad (Size S)

Honeycare Pet Training Dog Pee Pad (Size S)

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Honey Care Pet Training Dog Pee Pad is highly absorbent, made with high-density, funnel-shaped structure that prevents reverse osmosis, side leakage and tracking. With 6 layers of protection, the pee pad is able to absorb up to 1000cc without leakage.

  • Leak proof, no side leakage
  • Controls odours
  • Highly absorbent
  • Infused with a delightful fragrance factor.
  • Exceptional thickness - can absorb water up to 60x its own weight.
  • 7-layer core is the key to ensuring a watertight & instant absorption.
  • Exclusive patent of a 3D cone-type funnel perforated film on top.

Size Recommendations:

  • For dogs weighing 5-7kg, we recommend the S size.
  • Dogs in the 12-15kg range will find the M size ideal.
  • Larger dogs, weighing 20-25kg, should opt for the L size.

Small (450 x 330 mm) - 88 pc

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